Riser Recliners

Discover Relaxation

Our recliners can adjust to an almost infinite variety of positions, and riser recliners can raise the user effortlessly to their feet, all at the touch of a button.

Total recliner comfort is guaranteed, with a choice of up to three recliner sizes to allow a perfect sitting position, all available to try in our store in Worcester.

Tailored-to-fit - Select the perfect option for you

Available to try in our showroom

Our choice of recliner sizes allows you to discover the perfect fit as well as an almost infinite number of seating positions for maximum comfort, support, and pressure relief.

Our seat heights, widths, and depths vary between all recliner sizes to tailor to your specific needs.

We offer a wide variety of fabrics and leathers, including specifically designed fabrics for enhanced protection.


Grande(Westbridge Riser Recliner Chair pictured)


Standard(Westbridge Riser Recliner Chair pictured)


Petite(Westbridge Riser Recliner Chair pictured)

Dual Motor Movement Riser Recliner

Our Dual Motor action allows the footrest and the chair back to be operated independently to create your perfect sitting position. The rising action will lift the chair to enable the user to exit or access the chair with ease.

Dual Motor Stage 01
Dual Motor Stage 02
Dual Motor Stage 03